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About Hitech Solutions

Hitech Solutions is leading Engineering and Research organization in Sri Lanka from 2004. We have contributed to medium to large scale industrial automation and small scale industry equipment development projects both locally and internationally. Further we have contributed to developments and scientific research of many organizations both private and government sector including major universities. Recently we have expanded our export oriented projects, as we plan significant growth in export sector. Our research and development capability gives our customers an added advantage of customization and application of latest technology for their betterment.
To become the leading Product Development and System Solution provider in the Asian region.
Develop the technical knowledge of the company and start a state-of-art production facility in the region.
Our people
A very strong clang of personals from all the engineering backgrounds and fields covering mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical and civil engineering.Our team of highly skilled and well experienced technicians are guided by
  • Scientist 1 ( with Ph.D)
  • Electronic Engineers 4 (1 with M.Phil)
  • Mechanical Engineers 5 (1 with M.Sc.)
  • Electrical Engineer 1 (Charted Eng.)
  • Management Professionals 2 (1 with M.Sc.)
With the leadership of our CEO the team enjoys a relaxed, internationally recognised research oriented working environment that performs efficiently thus maintaining the high quality standards of our organisation. Our Expertise
Our expertise is in the fields of Image processing based machine design, panel board design and implementation, machine design, power electronics and ERP systems.
Your benefits
Professionalism in the works and engineering expertise in the fields is what our clients would gain from the company. The quality of the product, flexibility and the customer satisfaction is always cared about beyond all in the projects.
Letter from the board of directors
2004, we had a vision of a new type of a system solution company in the country, a company that could cater the gap in the industry for high quality and innovative system solutions that would not only supply the client need, but do something more; something more to the product quality, knowledge increment and better output. A company that would offer not only the product but also the knowledge and resources to the client. A company so resourceful that catering any local system solution requirement would be possible.

2004, the idea became a company; KETECH PVT LTD which was later renamed to be Hitech Solutions PVT LTD in 12th December 2006 with the collaboration and help of many professionals in the engineering field. For the past years that the company was active, many achievements were obtained in machine design and fabrication, Product development, Software, Control panel design, and Image Processing fields. With the number of products and knowledge that we currently own, a new system solution implementation would be much easier and better.

Our knowledge, quality and the teamwork of the employees are the best strengths we have. Therefore many researches are conducted in the field and something better is always tried for. The clients, hence, would get not only a good product, but also a new innovative and better design over their expectations. With the excellent staff and the customer base we own, we are looking forward for a better future and a better industry in the country, and in the region.

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HITECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD No. 542/10/B, Samurdhi Mawatha, Biyagama, Sri Lanka.

Tel: (+94) 714  964141
     (+94) 713  964141
Fax: (+94) 719  378329


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