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Read MoreFlow Wrapping Machines
Coir bricks with bio degradable polythene.Video
Read MoreMixing Drum
The right way to mix the different basic materials for the quality of the final product.
Read MoreConveyors
The smooth, continuous surface of a conveyor belt is ideal for coir product handling applications.
Read MorePalletizer
This top reliable & full automatic palletizer machine. Available in three standards heights. Maximal capacity of 1560 bags per hour.we can deliver
Read MoreFertilizer Distributor
Distributor is very suitable for the dosing of difficult moving products. The unit is available in three sizes, Viz.TD300, TD500 and TD700.The output
Read MoreWater dosing unit
A full automatic water dosing system. Especially designed for the moisture of potting compost. Necessary quantity of water is automatically dosed.
Read MoreStar Screen
For the screen of bulk material. This product very sensible to wear. This star screen characterized by its high capacity.For the screen of bulk materi
Read MoreMixing Discs
In order to create a good mixed products. Mixing discs are assembled at the flat bend conveyor.
Read MoreHoppers
Hoppers are designed for weighing a continuous product flow into batches for packing and other purposes

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