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Read MoreWidth and Length Measuring System
IntroductionMeasuring length and width of products in a high accuracy is a major playing role in modern industry. For example in textile industry it i
Read MoreFabric Inspection machines / (Quality Check Table)
We offer fabric inspection machines which are used as a testing machine to detect the defects in a fabric. These are equipped with drive operated AC
Read MoreSize Measuring & Reporting System
       Features1. Automatic measuring2. customized for different types of garments3. Customized measuring points4. Color variation
Read MoreFabric Relaxing Length Measuring Machines-Computerized
A very high quality fabric relaxing machine with image processing based width measurement and accurate length measurement. The machine is widely accep
Read MoreLabelling & Inspection Machines
1. Specifications2. on garments, bags, tags 3. up to 120 sticker per min 4. customized for you application
Read MoreComputer Controlled Dye Dispenser
Chemical mixing systems are designed for dye kitchens of the garment factories for automated chemical mixing and weighting. The system helps precise a
Read MoreUltra Sound & Laser Cutting Systems
Features:1. Customized cutting machines2. High Prerecession and speed 3. Slot cutting and removing inter parts 4. Less waste 5. Quality
Read MorePadding & Dying Machine
A new type of fabric padding machine was manufactured for dye bath, IR heaters, mixers and edge aligned re-rolling.Special Features:1. For Fabrics, e
Read MoreBra Cup Molding Machine
A high tech bra cup molding machine with high accurate PID temperature control and faster operation.Hitech Solutions have manufactured molding machin

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