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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Our AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are automatically navigated and operate without drivers. As a part of customer production and intra-logistics they are used to increase the production and warehousing. We also provide custom automated AGVs that meet specific needs.

Our Most Common AGV Applications
- Conveyor pick-up
- Floor Transfer
- Point to Point
- Flow Rack Transfer
- Floor Stacking
- Single Position Rack Transfer
All of our AGVs are built according to the highest safety standards
- Safety PLC controlling all safety functions
- Warning Lights and Signals
- Bumpers
- Front Laser Scanner
- Emergency Push Buttons
Different Navigation Technologies can be chosen
- Laser Triangulation
- Magnetic Spots
- Floor Wire

We Are Focus on Customers Logistic Challenges

 * Vehicles 
Transportation of pallets, reels, etc
    Navigation: laser, magnetic spot, wire
    Specification and design

 * Energy 
    Automatic Charging
    Battery Exchange: automatic / manual
    On Board Generator

  * AGV Control System
    Order assignment and vehicle allocation
    Supervision on transport task
    Traffic control

   * Consultation
     Seeking the best possible solution
     Creative and effective ideas
     Simulation/ Visualization

   * Life Cycle Support
     Service and maintenance
     Updates and upgrades
     Spare parts
AGV Types

(AGV 1st Version)                                                                                 (AGV 2nd Version - Cart Type)   

Product Specifications:

Overall Dimension   L1450*W410*H280(mm)
Moving Way   Magnetic stripe navigation
Moving Directions   Going ahead, back ,turning left and right, bifurcating
Means of Communication   Wireless Local Area Network
Driving Mode   Independent Driving Wheels
Driving Power   DC24V ,DC48V
Carrying Capacity   300Kg ,500Kg,750kg,1000kg (or custom made)
Model   Two-Way Lurking AGV
Carrying Capacity   24-45m/minute(or custom made)
Turning Radius   The minimum could be 500mm(the magnetic stripe path lays the radius)
Navigation Accuracy   ±10mm
Manner of Working   24hours
Climbing Capacity   3-7°
Stop Precision   ±10mm
Charge Methods   Manual Charging /Automatic Charging
Safety Induction Scope   ≤3m,adjustable,the urgent braking length is less than 20mm, ultrasonic sensors
Alarm Form   Acousto-optic Alarm
Storage Battery   Maintenance free charging, continuous discharge times are more than 300.
Safety Protection   The front obstacle detects the sensor + machinery anti-collision mechanism double protection
Designed Life   More than 10 years

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