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Panel Board Components
Converter Adapters (Support Win7 XP Vista Linux Mac OS)
USB to RS485 Converter
Chip Support 32/64 XP,Win7,
839.81 LKR
USB to RS485 Converter
5V Voltage Output TVS Surge Protection
2,673.61 LKR
USB to RS485 Converter
Chip Support 32/64 XP,Win7, 426.47 LKR
RS232 DB9 Serial Cable Adapter For PDA Satellite
1,800.99 LKR
LED Panel Indicators
LED Pilot Panel Indicators 1,450.00 LKR / Per UnitModel: AD16-16C
LED Indicator Signal Lamp
1,328.00 LKR
Red LED Indicator Light
DC 24V 16mm 1,120 LKR
Red LED Indicator Light
DC 24V 22mm
1,450 LKR
Model: AD103-16CS/23G
 LED Indicator Signal Lamp
1,120.00 LKR / Per Unit
Model: AD103-16CS/23R
LED Indicator Signal Lamp
1,120.00 LKR
Model: AD103-16CS/23B LED Indicator Signal Lamp
 1,120.00 LKR
Model: LM8-RRD
Load Cell Indicator
13,250.00 LKR

Changeover Switches
Changeover Switch 
AC 660V 32A 16 Terminals
5,697.00 LKR
3 Pole Changeover Switch
660V 125A 24 Screw
14,970.00 LKR
Changeover Switch
2-0-1 Position 8 Screw 2,607.00 LKR
Changeover Universal Switch
AC 10A On-off Position
2,967.00 LKR

Push Buttons / Emergency Stop Buttons / Contact Blocks 
Red push button
 Size: 29.60x 29.60x 32.90mm
753.00 LKR
 On/Off Push Button
Rating: 2A 250VAC
708.00 LKR
Turn to Release Stop Button
400 volts 10 amp 1,566.00 LKR

8,814.00 LKR

Double Head Push Button
 220V AC LED Indicator
1,497.00 LKR
 On-Off Start Stop Momentary 
Light Color :Yellow; Light Voltage :AC 220V-240V
3,654.00 LKR
Contact Block
400V 10A 1,848.00 LKR
Contact Block
600V 10A
2,277.00 LKR

Terminal Blocks - Brand Name: UPUN / Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Model: UKJ-4/2-2L W/T/H: 67.4/6.2/61mm
156.82 LKR

Model: UKJ-2.5
W/T/H: 42.5/5.2/46.5mm
53.32 LKR

Model: UKJ-DKD1.5
W/T/H: 72.5/6.2/54mm 360.36 LKR

Model: USK-6JD
W/T/H: 57/8/41mm
200.72 LKR

Model: UKJ-10JD W/T/H: 42.5/10.2/46mm
262.82 LKR

Model: UKJ-16JD
Type: Screw Terminal
390.47 LKR

Model: UKJ-4
Stranded(mm2): 0.2--2.5 58.34 LKR

Model: UKJ-6
6mm Screw Terminal
92.84 LKR

Cable Trays Drag
200 x 50mm (1 Meter)16,038.00 LKR50 x 15mm (1 Meter)5,540.00 LKR
170 x 80mm (1 Meter)17,496.00 LKR20 x 15mm (1 Meter)2,332.80 LKR
105 x 25mm (1 Meter)8,748.00 LKR15 x 15mm (1 Meter)2,332.00 LKR

Note: Prices are (Excluding All Taxes)

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